Due to the current development of the Corona pandemic and with rapidly increasing infection rates Pallmann Maschinenfabrik had to arrange the ceremony a little differently than usual this year.


“Unfortunately we had to do without the usual get-together” states the press release. Instead all honored employees received, besides the certificate commemorating the anniversary, the respective medal of the industry association and the Pallmann-certificate, a gift certificate as remuneration for the cancelled get-together. Even though there were 24 people, the event was hosted very briefly in the training room. Only for the photo shooting were the masks removed.


Ursula Ecker, has been with the company for 45 years as an office assistant in the purchasing department. The following employees were honored for being with the company for 40 years:  Bertrand Neu, (cutting machine operator), Annick Rault, (technical editor), Gilbert Hemmert, (cutting machine operator), Gert Euler, (industrial mechanic), Claus-Dieter Alt, (administrator production control), Jürgen Riedinger, (in-house and production technician) as well as Achim Neumüller, (service technician).


For 25 years of working at Pallmann, the following employees were honored: Harry Schlachter, (team leader stockroom), Thomas Ruble, (machine operator blank cutting station), Bruno Lett, (cutting machine operator), Volker Nowak, (cutting machine operator), Pascal Meyer, (test technician), Peter Pless, (industrial mechanic), Bernhard Ochs, (team leader paint department, industrial packaging and dispatch), Bertrand Wagner, (industrial mechanic), Ralf Hofer, (programmer  flame cutting machine), ,Lothar Knab, (painter), Heiko Brünesholz, (foreman turning shop), Jens Herrbruck, (industrial mechanic), Paul Weber, (cutting machine operator), Helene Masur, (commercial dispatch clerk), Steffen Igl, (staff member/technical repairs),  Wasili Weber, (heat treating department, straightening and deburring).

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