Mechanical Process Technology

Optimal preparation and size reduction of raw materials

Pallmann has been a specialist in the process technology field for the mechanical preparation of materials and bulk materials into powders and granules for decades. We design, manufacture and sell machines and complete systems. Our broad machine spectrum ranges from the production of coarse and fine powders up to breaking and cutting of basic materials into granules.

Machines and systems from Pallmann are used in numerous industries and for diverse tasks.

  • For size reduction of food products, especially spices, herbs, vegetables and gelatine
  • For the production of animal feed, dry foods and frozen meet
  • During the production of cellulose and cellulose ether
  • In the chemical industry for raw material production

We have tailored solutions for many requirements. Our extensive program of knife mills, pulverizers, universal mills and breakers allows us to offer the best possible and economic machine type for the corresponding requirement. We hereby always follow the current safety and hygiene regulations applicable to the customer.

Depending on the requirement, we supply the machines and systems ATEX-compliant, inert, explosion-proof, in stainless steel, polished, gas-tight or for suited for cryogenic grinding. Additional important decision criteria are the high throughput rate and the economic operation combined with high system availability. Production machines are available Pallmann‘s technology center to perform tests with the customer‘s material. We hereby support our customers in this important investment decision.

Food products,- luxury foods, animal feed

During the preparation of food products (i.e. spices and herbs), luxury foods and animal feed utmost care must be taken. Demands of the end customers, the consumers and applicable hygiene regulations must be considered and adhered to. Pallmann offers knife mills, grinding mills, pulverizers as well as the Contra-Selector-Mill and complete systems that meet these criteria. Preservation of natural characteristics and aromas are of primary concern as well as high throughput rate and the possibility of quick and thorough cleaning at the end of the shift or upon product change.

Fiber,- and Cellulose Preparation

Size reduced, respectively prepared fibrous materials such as cellulose are, depending on the requirement, contained in many products as an additive in order to influence their characteristics. For the preparation of these fibrous materials, Pallmann offers proven and reliable size reduction- and defiberizing machines. Precision knife mills produce fine powders with large surfaces. Knife mills and doublestream mills size reduce and homogenize the product. Finest powders are produced with turbofiners and contraselector mills. By adding hot air, the product can additionally be dried. For the production of super finest powders, Pallmann cryogenic systems with counter-rotating pin mills are used.

Chemical Industry

The size reduction tasks in the chemical industry are diverse. Process-technological targets must be achieved, existing material properties must be considered when selecting mechanical. As the leading specialist in this field, Pallmann offers an extensive program of doublestream mills, Turbo Mills, breakers and sifter mills as well as complete grinding systems.

Preferred Systems

For a range of size reduction tasks such as the grinding of spices, the size reduction and preparation of cellulose and for cryogenic grinding, we offer preferred systems. These complete systems have been designed in-line with market demands and offer optimum results. They are proven and operating in continuous operation worldwide. All components are of high quality and durability – „Proven Quality“ from Pallmann.

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