Pulverization of Plastics - Powder is not precisely powder - 

The demand for fine powders from heat-sensitive materials and thermoplastics such as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, rigid PVC, rubber, PA and ABS is steadily increasing. Pallmann pulverizing systems and disc mills reliably produce high-quality plastic powders for

  • rotational moulding
  • the production of masterbatch
  • whirl sintering
  • coarse- and fine textile finishing
  • most different coatings
  • extrusion

    The constantly increasing quality requirements with regards to flowability, bulk density, particle size distribution and structure require for pulverizing systems of most modern technology to meet these demands. Efficient subsequent processing in complex rotational mouldings, during coating processes and in pipe- and profile extrusion is thereby facilitated. We supply proven and complete concepts with pulverizers and disc mills, developed from practical experiences for practical operations.

    New housing designs and easy-to-clean systems allow for quick and thorough cleaning during the production of masterbatch upon product or color change. The individually exchangeable grinding elements and the comfortable adjustment of the grinding gap result in high flexibility during production and a quick adjustment of the particle size to the future application purposes of the powder. 

    Standard systems are available for various requirements. The systems are easily adaptable to the individual requirements by means of supplementary packages and diverse options. The standard program corresponds to the market requirement for a complete range of pulverizing systems with capacities of up to 1500 kg/h.

    For fully automatic and around the clock operation we offer pulverizing systems with especially designed control systems. Sensors for temperature- and power consumption record the measurements and control the system in accordance with the given parameters.

    Pulverizing Systems for Rotational Moulders

    Pallmann pulverizing systems with integrated disc mills for the rotational moulding industry allow for pulverization of thermoplastic granules into fine powders with a final particle size between 0,15 – 0,50 mm. Size reduction is performed at ambient temperature. The addition of cooling agents or water is therefore not necessary. The good flowability and the high bulk density are the prerequisite for the future optimum distribution within the rotational mould. The quality of the produced plastic powder corresponds to the defined requirements of DIN 53492 and ASTM D 1895.

    Pulverizing Systems for Masterbatch

    By means of the especially compact and space-saving Pallmann pulverizing systems and disc mills for masterbatch production and compounding, plastic granules are pulverized into high quality plastic powder. The optimum particle size of the end product and the large specific surface guarantee for a very good mixture and adherence of the additives. The user can pulverize a large spectrum of materials such as PE, PP, PA, PC etc. ambient temperature.

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