Granulation of Plastics

Knife mills play an important role during the production and processing of plastics of any kind. Size reduction and preparation of production waste allows for the waste to be reintroduced into production. This approach saves considerable raw material cost. The preparation of already used plastics such as film-, bottle- and profile waste helps to protect valuable resources.

In order to meet the various requirements, Pallmann offers a wide range of proven machine types and sizes. Besides many standardized applications, Pallmann Ultra-Granulators®are available for the size reduction of heat-sensitive rubbers and elastomers, highly rigid fiber, waste or very abrasive products.

Our knife mills are used in extrusion during the production of plastic profiles, pipes, sheets, film or in injection-, blow-moulding as well as by sub-suppliers of the automobile industry.

All knife mills stand out due to a robust welded construction, electro-dynamically balanced rotors and simple maintenance. High throughput rates at high machine availability are achieved in rough continuous production.

Pallmann designs and manufactures complete systems, coordinated together with the customer, to his individual requirements and local conditions.

The use of special materials such as rust-free and polished steels as well as chemical nickeling for corrosion protection are available as well as gas- and pressure-sealed designs for adherence to factory-specific standards or ATEX-directives etc.

Knife Mill, PS

For the special size reduction of natural or synthetic rubber bales, vulcanized or unvulcanized, , Pallmann supplies knife mills, type PS with unique guillotine rotors. These rotors stand out due to high rotor inertia and low friction grinding. Depending on the bale size, Pallmann offers size reduction systems for single- up to two-step size reduction. These systems are available with or without metering systems and size reduce any type of rubber, such as bales, sheets, strands or chips into defined granules.

Knife Mill PS

Knife Mill, PSP

For the size reduction of production waste and cut-offs which occur during the manufacture and preparation of window, shutter and siding profiles, Pallmann offers knife mills, type PSP. Due to the special design of the rotor, the horizontally fed profiles are automatically drawn-in and cut. Short waste pieces cam be fed through a special feed chute. These knife mills achieve high throughput rates at optimum granules quality. The produced plastics granules can be directly reintroduced into production.

Knife Mill PSP

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