Agglomeration of Plastics

During the production and processing of thermoplastics, production waste occurs. These valuable materials can be reintroduced into the production process after appropriate preparation. Valuable raw materials can thereby be saved and costs can be reduced.

The  prerequisite for reutilization is the production of clean, free-flowing agglomerates with high bulk density whose quality has not been lowered by the process. In case of thin plastic fibers, film waste from plastics or foam materials, a free-flowing, reusable product can, in most cases, not be achieved just by simple size reduction.

This, for example, also applies to carpet waste which mainly consists of multiple components. With these plastics, agglomeration is necessary after the size reduction process. The PALLMANN Plast-Agglomerator is the best suitable machine for

  • Fibers and tapes
  • XPS-sheets
  • Carpets
  • PET-waste
  • Adhesive film
  • Insulating materials
  • Thermoforming sheets
  • Film waste, i.e. agricultural film
  • Composite materials

All thermoplastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrol, polyamide, polyester, PVC, ABS can be continuously processed in this system. It is also possible to process composite materials, i.e. plastic-coated paper, wood-plastic mixtures, plastic powder mixtures and plastic with organic or inorganic components.

Unlike in other processes such as extrusion, the thermoplastics in the Plast-Agglomerator are not heated up to melting point and are therefore only subjected to minimal and insignificant thermal stress.

The Plast-Agglomerator is also avaiable in a design which enables the customer to process moist, precut plastic waste into agglomerates. The advantage is that thermal drying after agglomeration process is not necessary and the residual moisture achievable in the end product is below 1 percent. The customer receives first-class agglomerates with high bulk density and which can be added to an extrusion line without a force feeding unit.

Plast-Agglomerator PFV

Pallmann Plast-Agglomerators are used for the preparation of thermoplastics waste or composite materials into agglomerates which are not changed due to thermal stress. The system including all components is compactly mounted on a base plate or can be supplied in modular design, depending on the requirement. The end product convinces by high bulk density and good flowability.

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