Pallmann-Size Reduction Technology for the perfect particleboard: New order package from Merino Industry Ltd.

Krefeld, November 10th 2021 – New order for Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH, the size reduction specialist within the Siempelkamp Group: In August, Merino Industry Ltd., one of the leading laminate producers in India, placed an order for several machines from Pallmann’s portfolio

The order volume consists of three knife ring flakers, two double stream mills and a re-chipper as well as the supervision of commissioning. The machines are part of a new particleboard plant at Halol in the
state of Gujarat: Merino Industry Ltd. founded in 1974, primarily focuses on the production of premium
quality laminates, however, with the new plant, they will also start production of the carrier material.
Excellence, maximizing the product value, is firmly established in the corporate motto of the company.
The Pallmann-flake preparation ensures quality, especially in the surface layers of the board, which is an indispensable prerequisite for the downstream finishing process.

Three knife ring flakers, type PZKR 16-600 guarantee highest flake quality, a high throughput capacity,
quick knife ring exchange and precise knife adjustment. Two double stream mills, type PSKM 14-660
produce homogeneous fine flakes with a low percentage of dust and coarse material – ideal for the production of high quality particleboards which have to meet highest demands on surface quality. Merino Industry Ltd. also placed an order for a re-chipper which ensures an economic size reduction of oversized wood chips.

The delivery of the Pallmann machines is scheduled for March 2022. „Pallmann-size reduction machines
are operating in India for many years. We are happy to assist a customer like Merino Industry Ltd., who
demands very high standards on material preparation in their systems and consequently to the quality
of the boards “says Stefan Wissing, Managing Director of Pallmann Maschinenfabrik.

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