Jubilee Celebration at Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Zweibrücken on December 10, 2021

For us as a machine manufacturing company, the year 2021 actually started full of hope. When the vaccine came onto the market, it seemed that the worst was over in the matter of the Corona pandemic. But then the mood changed, new mutations and increasingly higher infection rates dominated the headlines.

It is for this reason that we had decided with a heavy heart to again host this year’s jubilee celebration differently.

Unfortunately we had to do without the usual get-together with good food etc. and instead all honored employees received besides the certificate commemorating the anniversary, the respective medal of the industry association and the Pallmann-certificate, a gift certificate as remuneration for the cancelled get-together.


The small-scale event took place in one of our conference rooms in compliance to all prescribed Corona-measures (3-G-rule, i.e. tested, vaccinated, recovered) and the in-plant mask requirement. The masks were only “lifted” for the group photo.



The following were jubilees of 2021:


45 years          Mrs. Marina Pick, Internal Sales


40 years          Mr. Thomas Obenauer, Machine Operator, flame cutting/forming

                        Mr. Martin Schaaff, Team Leader, Industrial Dispatch Division

                        Mrs. Gabi Gebhard, Secretary Sales Division

                        Mr. Ralf Oster, Industrial Mechanic, Assembly Group PZU/PHT


25 years          Mr. Dieter Meier, Industrial Mechanic, Assembly Group PZKR/PSKM

                        Mr. Christian Sambaß, Cutting Machine Operator, Service Manufacturing




People in the photo from left to right:  


Uwe Wagner, Managing Director

Nadine Schoch, Works Council

Frank Würmell, Production Manager

Marina Pick

Dieter Meier

Ralf Oster

Thomas Obenauer

Gabi Gebhard


Missing: Martin Schaaff, Christian Sambaß

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