Research and Technology Center

Worldwide, the PALLMANN Research and Technology Center offers unique possibilities for the development and trials of size reduction and preparation technology.

As a special service, development trials for the selection of new materials and machines are performed for our customers. We assist our customers by means of custom grinding, in case of capacity deficiencies or to bridge over delivery time for a new system.

More than 130 machines from the widest variety of technologies are available for cutting, pulverizing, agglomerating, fiberizing, breaking, separating and recycling.

Test runs

Only constant research and development of your products guarantee an advantage over the competition and market success. We assist you and offer the possibility to conduct product development projects in our research- and technology center. Numerous machines, laboratory and conference rooms are available for you. Our experienced staff supports you in finding the optimum problem solution as well as system planning and machine selection for your individual requirement.

The following aspects must be observed in advance and during the test run:

  1. Preparation of the test
  2. Arrangement for a test date
  3. Sending of test material
  4. Commercial conditions
  5. Arrival and hotel reservation
  6. Test run in the technology center
  7. Return of material after test

Please see our info sheet for additional information or contact one of our associates.

Custom grinding

The PALLMANN research and technology center offers our customers custom grinding, in case of capacity deficiencies or to bridge over delivery time for a new system. The numerous machines size reduce anything from soup to nuts and most things in between. A team of experienced associates supports you and helps you in finding tailor-made solutions.

Delivery and dispatch of your products can be performed in all common packaging such as bags, super sacks, gaylords, cartons etc. If needed, we use our own or packaging supplied by our customers.

Send us your product specifications, batch size, type of packaging as well as 20 kg of test material and the material safety data sheet and you will promptly receive an offer with price, delivery time and our general terms and conditions.

Our team is available to answer your questions at any time.

Angelo Martuccio

Head of Technology Centre

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Rosario Kindlein

Logistics and Import

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