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Area of Application:

The Pressurized Refiner is used for the preparation of chips into high quality flakes for MDF-board production and for the production of door leafs and insulting material. The Pressurized Refiner System has been built and continuously advanced for over 30 years. The result of this development is a Pressurized Refiner System that contains proven technology and modern solutions. Since 2007 the PALLMANN scope of supply has been complemented with the newly ECO ADVANCED® Refiner series. These systems are available as 58"-72" refiners and allow for an even higher efficiency in fiber production.


Method of Operation:

The preparation of chips in fibers is performed between a rotating and a stationary disc of the PALLMANN Pressurized Refiner, equipped with grinding segments at increased temperature and under steam pressure. Different profiles of the grinding segments allow for flexibel adaptation to various types of wood.



Technical data of the series Refiner PR:

Disc diameter:800 - 1800 mm
Motor capacity: 250 - 14000 kW
Throughput rate:1,5 - 70 t atro/h 



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